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Ay gurl you got a man?

to this, i can respond the only way i know how — with a smarmy gif.



Anonymous asked:

Hi Sara! I'm going to study abroad in Beijing this summer, and I was wondering if you could give suggestions affordable for stylish, breezy clothing (that's still appropriate enough for a work/class environment) that could combat the extremely hot and humid Beijing summers. I don't want to look unprofessional in an academic setting! Please help a (poor) college student out. Thanks in advance! :)


staying professional in the heat is a struggle, i fell you, but the first step is self-awareness and recognizing the challenge. with that, i’ve gathered a handful of pieces you should stock up on due to their breathability and lightness. safe travels!

  1. semi-sheer crepe blouses (mango, $30)
  2. breathable linen trousers (toast, £85)
  3. crochet sundresses (boohoo, $40)
  4. cut-out sandals (new look, £10)

it is now q&a tuesday.

holy crap, a week goes by quickly. anyway, q&a tuesday is back. it’ll never leave you again — unless life takes over for one reason or another, of course. with that in mind, feel free to submit all of your burning/itching/invasive questions or check past ones.


does anyone have a spare $1150 lying around? anyone? bueller?


it always thrills me to become familiar with a brand that’s been around for a while; such was the case when i attended foster grant's 85th anniversary party last week.

admittedly, i didn’t know much about the eyewear brand (and no, i do not — nor will i ever — refer to their sunglasses as “sunnies”) and was wholly uneducated about the fit and style range offered, which was why i was particularly psyched to do so while celebrating 85 years of retail success. foster grant is sold in a variety of stores in the u.s. and canada including target, rite aid, and cvs. yes, it is possible to snag a quality pair of affordable frames while picking up allergy medicine and a bag of cheetos.

disclosure: i was gifted with a pair of sunglasses with no editorial obligation.

topshop ‘aloha’ print floral bikini
flora bella small ‘nappa’ bag
hampton sun continuous mist sunscreen spf 55
asos ‘flightplan’ leather flat sandals
opening ceremony aviator sunglasses

thanks to geri of because i’m addicted, we are now able to bask in the glory of jennifer fisher's fall 2014 collection. and it truly is glorious — rather than write a hefty paragraph about the simple, modern shapes and how easy it seems to layer them, i’ll let you enjoy the images above. start saving your pennies, ladies!


review time: as you can see from the pic above, i’m a fan of moroccanoil. i’ve been using the 'moisture repair' shampoo and conditioner for some time now and am obsessed with the smell and how it’s kept my hair in such amazeballs shape, so when the brand launched another line, i had to get my greedy hands on it. specially designed to address the needs of women with frizzy, unruly hair, moroccanoil has declared its new ‘smooth’ collection to be *the complete smoothing regimen.* combining the shampoo and conditioner will allow hair to maintain a more manageable appearance for up to 72 hours and using the mask — which features a concentrated combination of argan butter and coconut-derives fatty acids — will only intensify the smoothness.

this collection launches in august 2014, so mark your calendars.

disclosure: i was gifted with the entire ‘smooth’ collection with no editorial obligation.

(Source: instagram.com)


vans’ third partnership with liberty arts fabrics was clearly a charm. using prints developed by liberty, “classic vans styles get an ‘arts-and-crafts movement’ remake,” declared fashionista. featured in this collection are the sk8 his in a pink floralera low tops in a golden paisley design, and old skools in a blue vine print.


just as the heat of the season set in last week, i attended my very first capwell & co. event. if you aren’t familiar with the costume jewelry brand, get to gettin’ — i have no doubt it will quickly become one of your go-to affordable jewelry go-tos.

click here to get a peek at its upcoming fall 2014 collection.