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How To Write a History Paper

So, what is a history paper? A history paper is a research paper that deals with historical events and/or figures. It can be about anything from the American Revolution to the fall of the Roman Empire. There are two main types of history papers: analytical papers and argumentative papers. Analytical papers focus on explaining historical […]

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How To Choose a Major

Choosing a major can be tough. There are so many options out there, how will you ever decide? Well, first of all, don’t worry about it too much. College is more for you than it is for anyone else; if you feel like you’re learning something and enjoying the experience, then it’s probably worth doing! […]

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How To Write an Essay in MLA Format

Everyone in high school and college is assigned essays. Some people love to write, others not so much. Learning how to write an essay in MLA format is very important for students because it teaches them the proper structure and guidelines of writing a well-developed piece of writing. It also teaches them how to use […]

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How To Get Accepted Into Masters Programs

What is a Master’s Program? A master’s program allows students who already have a bachelor’s degree to gain more education and experience in their desired field. It provides education beyond the bachelor’s degree, but at an advanced level, allowing for qualified individuals to enter positions of leadership or responsibility sooner. These are not general-purpose programs; […]

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What Are the Best Ways To Reduce Study Time Without Sacrificing Results?

Nowadays, there are so many different ways to study and prepare for school. The question is: which one should you do? All of them? Some of them? Which ones really help you retain information? It’s hard to choose the best way to study because everyone has a different brain, and what works for your friend […]

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Is There a Point in Getting an MBA if You Can Get the Same Education on YouTube?

At first glance, the idea of getting an MBA degree could be compared to assembling a time machine – it’s expensive, requires lots of hard work, and may not even have a happy ending. But what if someone could offer you the entire education for free? Is there any point in paying for this? Do […]

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The 15 Biggest Problems Students Face When Writing Essays

When writing essays, students face a lot of problems. There are 15 main ones that will be discussed in this article. 1) Not Understanding the Assignment: Getting the assignment wrong is one of the biggest problems students face when writing an essay because without understanding what they have to write about, it’s hard to complete […]

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Why You Must Read More Books

I’ve read books before; I’m not illiterate. But recently, I found myself thinking about the amount of time I spent watching stuff on Netflix or playing video games instead of reading. I realized that if I want to improve my life, then reading more would be beneficial – what with all the knowledge one can […]

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How To Write an Argumentative Paper

A lot of people have trouble writing argumentative papers. In fact, a lot of the time they end up skimping on research or trying to find ways around actually writing strong points in favor of their own thesis. This is a bad idea and leads to trouble later when it’s time to write a thesis […]

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5 Ways You Can Get Your University Project Done Faster

There are many reasons why students complain about how long it takes them to complete their university projects. Perhaps they have several other classes, maybe they underestimate the project’s complexity, or perhaps they just can’t stay focused on one subject for too long without getting distracted by shiny objects. No matter your reason, if you […]