There are many reasons why students complain about how long it takes them to complete their university projects. Perhaps they have several other classes, maybe they underestimate the project’s complexity, or perhaps they just can’t stay focused on one subject for too long without getting distracted by shiny objects. No matter your reason, if you think that the days are never enough and you want to get your university project done faster then here are 5 of my favorite ways how to do it.

When you’re working on a large task it is easy sometimes to lose motivation, become demotivated or even feel overwhelmed. This is especially true when you work on an individual project for a whole semester, where there are no signs of progress.

The first thing you can do to make yourself work faster is to dedicate a specific time of day for working on your project wherein you will shut down the internet, turn off your phone and lock yourself in an isolated room. Make sure that everything you need is already prepared before this time, don’t let anyone disturb you – if they really need something then they can wait until your session is over.

If there’s anything worse than having no motivation at all to continue working on your project, it’s when getting started with it itself seems like an insurmountable task. If that happens then the best solution would be to take small chunks of the project and split them up into smaller tasks that are easier complete. Try breaking down larger tasks into 5-10 minute chunks and do them one after the other.

Another thing you should try to make yourself work faster is giving up perfectionism. Some students seem to think that they should always seek for perfection in everything they do, which can be a real productivity killer. The truth is that you just need to get the job done well enough and move on: nobody else will ever notice imperfections in your work if it serves their purpose anyway.

One of the most important things when it comes to working fast but still maintaining quality at a high level is getting rid of distractions. Social networks, games and TV shows are all forms of distraction that will only serve to slow down your progress so much that I suggest uninstalling them from your computer.

If you really can’t stand your project any longer and need to take a break from it then the best way to recharge yourself would be through doing things that relax you such as reading, watching movies or taking walks outside. The whole point of breaks is that they should help you gain inspiration and motivation for when you get back working on your project so don’t let them become another form of distraction.

Working faster doesn’t just mean completing your university project sooner but also spending less time working on it in general, which means that quality will remain high and stress levels low. If you try out all these five tips then I’m sure that not only will you be able to submit your university assignment much faster but also without compromising its quality.

Now that you found out how to work faster on your university project, there is only one thing left to do: start working. Remember that when it comes to boosting your productivity fast and becoming more efficient the three key things you need are motivation, time management and most importantly – practice! Good luck with your assignment and keep up the great work!