Essay writers are like some mythical beings. No one sees them, rarely who knows their names, yet their work seems everywhere.

Believe it or not, they are people like you and me, that just happened to do essay writing for a living. After all, being professional in something means to make a living doing that.

In the following lines, we will remove some of their mystery veils and explain what it means to be a professional essay writer.

  1. There is no School for Professional Essay Writers

    Strangely, but some folks think that there is a school for professional essay writers. Some writing services do offer guidelines for their writers, but that’s it. There is no official training or diploma’s that say congratulation, you are now certified or graduated essay writer.

  2. Most Professional Writers Have an Academic Background

    Many of the professional essay writers are former teachers that once reviewed student’s essays. Some of them even own a master’s degree and are between jobs. There aren’t too many professional essay writers with just a high school diploma under their belt. At least not with the best writing services.

  3. They Pass a Rigorous Screening Process

    Going in pros in no easy tithing, even when it comes to essay writing. There is a rigorous screening process that can effectively eliminate mediocre writers. Potential writers need to prove that they can write error-free, top-rated essays over and over. Don’t think that because you have written a couple of A-rated essays in high school, you can start writing essays for a living or pass the tests that determine whether you will start working for a writing service or not. But then again, no one will stop you from trying to become one.

  4. They are not Just Great Writers

    So yes, they need to be well-versed in spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and stylistic rules. But they also need to have extensive knowledge of citation styles and formatting.

  5. They are Competent Researchers

    One of the biggest misconceptions about professional writers is that they just type words all day long. Well, they do spend a lot of time typing, but they spend a lot of time researching as well. They might be experts in a certain area, but they are not experts in everything. That means, same as everyone else, spend a good chunk of their time researching as the research is the core of any good essay.

  6. They are Experts in Certain Areas

    Best writing services have essay writers that cover certain areas. Most of the time, they get to work on essays that are within their scope of interest. For example, if the writer has a degree in English literature, he or she covers essays that fall within that scope of interest. On the other hand, if someone has a degree in mechanical engineering, they tend to cover essays related to mechanical engineering.

  7. They Work With Professional Editors

    Even the most experienced ones work with editors that make sure their work is up to the highest standards. But even they proofread their work before they send it to their editors for final polishing.

  8. Some Professional Essay Writers Work Remotely

    Some companies like to have their writers working from their offices, whereas others don’t care where they do their work. They care only about the quality of their work, as well as their consistency.

  9. Their Work is Regularly Checked for Plagiarism

    Even the most prolific essay writers have their work checked for plagiarism. Their track record might be impeccable for many years, but their company will still run a plagiarism check to have their work verified. For the best writing services, that’s a company policy as they guarantee that each piece of work from their workshop is 100% original.

  10. They are Ghost Writers

    It goes without saying that their names are never on the essays they write. Professional essay writers are the very definition of ghostwriters. There are even some rumors of award-winning essays that were supposedly completed by such writers. But as we all know it, ghostwriters can never claim any credit for something they did on behalf of someone else.