it’s been a while since i’ve posted a “recreate the street” feature but this look (captured by vanessa jackman) is too good to keep to myself and surprisingly easy to style.

  1. a long camel coat
  2. a coordinating camel crossbody
  3. one black scarf with fringe
  4. knee-high suede boots

as i’m sure you already know, outerwear is *everything* when the weather gets cold considering it will cover up the chic outfit that took you hours to put together as if you aren’t wearing anything at all. thus, make it a statement like this chick. she knows.

  1. red wool coat (shown)
  2. studded cowboy boots (shown)
  3. chambray shirt with peter pan collar (shown)
  4. bootcut denim (shown)

it’s cold, which means that you probably need to up your outerwear game; this isn’t meant to be insulting, but it’s always nice to optimize as seasons pass and be *even more* awesome, no? with that in mind, a leopard coat like giovanna’s is an a+ option.


i rarely talk about celebrities because they typically bore me, but concessions had to be made once i saw alexa chung in this outfit. perfect for holiday parties, don’t you think? a chunky knit on top balances the slim skirt. i’d prob replace heels with flats, but still: <3.

  1. grey cable knit sweater (shown)
  2. black snakeskin clutch (shown)
  3. sequin pencil skirt (shown)
  4. platform pumps (shown)

yo, it’s cold out, which means that your outerwear game should be on-point. i get plaid on the brain each year when a chill arrives, so that will likely be at the top of my seasonal wishlist and this pic (c/o the sartorialist) is merely supporting the thought.

styles shown: river island, fossil, woolrich


before it gets too chilly to wear shorts and mother nature has settled in for the next few months, get the most out of your transitional pieces by combining an item meant for warmer weather with another ideal for the cold. image courtesy of the locals

  1. spotted sweater (shown)
  2. python clutch (shown)
  3. cuffed denim shorts (shown)
  4. black lace-up sneakers (shown)

i am liking what this waif-like model is putting down, primarily because it combines a few of my favorite fall things: camo, velvet, and headgear. all i am missing in this three-item combination are the shoes…but enough about me, would you recreate this look?

  1. fur-trimmed camo coat (shown)
  2. black beanie (shown)
  3. black velvet oxfords (shown)

it is oftentimes difficult to find the perfect balance of “slouchy” and “glam,” but i think this chick has mastered it with her look; with a strappy pair of heels, it likely wouldn’t work as well when paired with flats. i know, i’m sad about it, too.

  1. navy/black v-neck sweater (shown)
  2. gold sandals (shown)
  3. pale minaudière (shown)
  4. sequin skirt (shown)

it’s supposed to get warm today, so why not take your clothes off, am i right? no? okay, that’s fine, but there is no harm experimenting with a crop top if you’re feeling sassy.

  1. a cropped, white top (shown)
  2. white flatforms (shown)
  3. red/pink mirrored sunglasses (shown)
  4. a blue floral skirt (shown)

on a personal note, i’ve started dabbling in the “paleo diet,” so i have fruits and veggies on the brain. seeing this pic of editor/stylist/consultant eva fontanelli further inspired me to get even more healthy — in a fashion sort of way! sure, it’s a little kooky, but food is ageless and, therefore, trendless. why not inject some tasty print into your wardrobe? 

  1. charlotte olympia, $695
  2. cooperative, $12
  3. felix rey, $150