The Insider: Sara Zucker



Sara Zucker is the girl you tried really hard to befriend on our first day of college: She has enviably tousled hair, knows where to get the best coffee in Queens, and named her style blog Farpitz—Yiddish for “all dressed up” and code for “just plain cool.” And when she’s not doling…

omg, i was interviewed…and i talk about how great wearing lipstick is but i’m not actually wearing lipstick in the main image accompanying this great article. i did choose this picture, though…because i look like a total bad-ass. aviators tend to do that.

source: ofakind

i was hanging with the of a kind girls last night and they informed me that this will be the event of the century, so clear your calendar if you’re in the nyc area next thursday.


yo, these rose gold circle slice earrings carolyn o’hearn designed exclusively for of a kind are pretty awesome. just wanted to share them with you. carry on.


it is taking every ounce of my being not to purchase this necklace, created by palomarie exclusively for of a kind. seriously, someone needs to hide my wallet.


it is thrilling to a see a brand you’ve followed since its conception grow and thrive, which is why i’m so excited to announce that of a kind has launched a new feature: collections! this week, the site enabled shoppers to snag pieces from the full collections of designers of a kind has worked with on past editions, including ace & jigdusen duseneayrslee, and k/ller collection. expect even more designers in 2014. 


on one hand, i want this bag to sell out so that i’m not tempted to buy it. on the other, don’t you dare buy it because it is destined to be mine (along with a hole in the head). 


i haven’t done one of these in a bit, so here, let me pour the contents of my bag into a pile of things organized neatly and let you wonder what i’ve been up to this week.



this morning’s of a kind newsletter, which highlighted toujours toi family affairs, prompted me to learn more about the label — because why wouldn’t i? look at all that floaty, girly goodness. nina egli and her designer-mother kaya create the 60s-inspired clothing, a perfect complement to egli’s budding jewelry line.


on the mandy coon runway last week, the designer debuted a much larger version of her now-famous bunny bag. i still regret not purchasing the of a kind edition a few back and seeing this style has me swooning—i don’t want to know how much it costs.


interview: erica from of a kind

i met erica (one half of tumblr-based start-up of a kind) way back when, when i worked in email marketing down by bowling green. she came downtown to interview me for a “blogger of the month” article as an editor for lucky and i was so nervous to be interviewed that i brought her cookies. we were friends ever since. she left the magazine soon after to start this company and i am so proud to know her and see the success she has achieved. as stated, all designers are asked the same five questions and answers are unedited as they truly illustrate the passion and personality of the person who wrote them. 

what was the first thing you ever sold? 

In life or on Of a Kind? Because I used to have a store in my bedroom where I sold my younger brothers all sorts of crap. On Of a Kind, it was a velvet-flecked tweed bunny bag with leather accents—no big deal. Just your standard, everyday bunny bag. His name is Ernie, and we love him dearly.

what is your most prized possession? 

Because it is tremendously lame to say my laptop even though I’m sure that’s the loss that would elicit the most tears, I’ll go sentimental: Since college, I was obsessed with this 1944 Vogue cover that Salvador Dalí designed—yes, seriously—and, outta the blue, my boyfriend gave it to me one day. He’d been doing some serious eBay stalking for years.

how do you treat yo’self? 

I overspend on beauty products. I recently bought Rodin Olio Lusso. Let’s not talk or even think about how much it was. But I feel like it works! Or maybe it’s just the fact that having something fancy helps motivate me to wash my face at night that works.

who is the ‘of a kind’ girl? (your ideal consumer.) 

The Of a Kind girl—or boy—is somebody who looks for meaning in things—who likes specialness and stories and wants to have a relationship with what he/she buys.

why do you do what you do? 

Well, first off, emerging designers are pretty awesome: How cool is it that you can have access to their visions in such a pure way? There’s no marketing department or fancy business person driving the collection forward or determining the messaging—they make what they want to make, and you can wear it. And I love the opportunity we have to share the stories behind these people and their work—to make the experience of buying a dress or a bracelet feel that much more personal and to create that connection.

learn more about erica, claire, and of a kind on their website.