my schedule today is a bit hairy (this image notwithstanding) and i’ll be spending most of it in meetings and then volunteering at a library, so q&a tuesday will have to be put on hold for the week. mucho apologies. but not to fret! i’ve already begun queuing up answers next week’s inquiries so get psyched for that and submit yours now.





no lug-soled booties were harmed in the making of this production.


because of course a girl who works at a beauty brand needs a crop top covered in nail polishes. it is only the most appropriate item in her closet, obviously.


some months back, i received an email from nordstrom inviting me (along with a select group of other talented folks) to partake in an “instashoot” on a tribeca rooftop in celebration of the retailer’s fall catalog. obv, i agreed to do so. the result of our efforts — an autumnal focus on the new stock coming into stores in the coming weeks — can be found throughout the pages of the catalog. these are some of the images that weren’t used during my time on said rooftop, but you can expect to see the items highlighted in them in nordstrom stores soon if not already.

i would highly recommend (for the sake of my ego) that you stop into your nearest nordstrom, pick up the catalog, and point at its pages shouting "i know her! i know her!" to nearest friends and family. also, feel free to follow me on instagram.

disclosure: all pics were taken via iphone. i was compensated for my participation.



New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and today, we’re pleased to introduce you to our team of science and fashion bloggers who will be covering shows and events on our Tumblr next week.

Making up the science side are Rich Evans and Chris Ing. Rich, or sagensense as he’s known on Tumblr, is a prolific blogger and science literacy activist. Some of his most recent projects include working to promote the documentary I Want To Be An Astronaut and serving as a Science Evangelist for, a startup seeking to promote science literacy. He is also a member of SciNote, a nonprofit working on an upcoming composition of all science-related material on Tumblr.

Chris is a Canadian blogger who holds two advanced degrees in physics and biochemistry and enjoys taking fashion photography at science conferences. You can read his scientific musings - including posts on science-inspired clothing - on his Tumblr, Fresh Photons.

On the fashion side we have Sara Zucker and Masha Maltsava. Sara is a fashion blogger and contributor to Refinery29, Hello Giggles, Lucky Mag, and Glamour. She’s been covering NYFW since her blog’s inception, and is a longtime friend of Tumblr since participating in the platform’s inaugural Fashion Week class.

Masha is a fashion photographer who loves the intersection of technology and fashion. One of Masha’s most recent projects brought her to Chromat, a 3-D printing clothing company, but you can also find her capturing looks on both the runway and the street. 

Finally, fashion psychologist (yes, that’s a thing!) Dawnn Karen will be popping in during the week to give us her insights on the psychology behind our favorite looks. We couldn’t be more excited to learn about our brains on fashion. 

Take some time to check out their work, and join us back here next week for our #iOnFashion NYFW coverage. 

source: generalelectric

it’s that time again: [spring 2015] fashion week. whether you work in the industry full-time or just have an interest, this is when trends are born. it’s pretty exciting. as i do digital pr for one of the beauty sponsors, nars cosmetics, i’ll be scurrying around the city working backstage at some of the most-watched runway shows including thakoon, 3.1 phillip lim, rodarte, alexander wang, and marc jacobs. with that in mind, for my own sanity, be prepared for my blog content to act as a reflection of these experiences.

some features to expect:

  • a day in the life of a beauty pr girl
  • what it’s really like backstage
  • what are the must-have items in my bag
  • glimpses of non-work presentations and events

now, it’s your turn — as i try to implore each season, if you there is anything you’d like to see during fashion week, feel free to reply/comment/email me with suggestions.

and be sure to follow me on twitter and instagram for more juicy bits.


The Insider: Sara Zucker



Sara Zucker is the girl you tried really hard to befriend on our first day of college: She has enviably tousled hair, knows where to get the best coffee in Queens, and named her style blog Farpitz—Yiddish for “all dressed up” and code for “just plain cool.” And when she’s not doling…

omg, i was interviewed…and i talk about how great wearing lipstick is but i’m not actually wearing lipstick in the main image accompanying this great article. i did choose this picture, though…because i look like a total bad-ass. aviators tend to do that.

source: ofakind

sorry i haven’t been posting but i am currently on a much-needed vacation. see you back on the ranch (when i get home — on sunday). in the meantime, don’t get caught up in any questionable fashion trends, like scrunchies. i hate scrunchies.


Anonymous asked:

Hey lady! Just curious, and possibly trying to steal your curly hair look but What products go into styling your hair? :)

any excuse for me to post a picture of myself, am i right? kidding, but in all seriousness, i’ve found that understanding curly hair is a lifelong process; i had straight hair until around 17 years old (f u, puberty) so i am still experimenting with a routine. because curls tend to be drier than less wavy strands, it is important to keep them moisturized, which translates to me using mostly cream-based products like oribe crème for style or moroccanoil’s smoothing lotion. see also: lots o intense hair masks. biolage and moroccanoil have two of my favorites. during the winter when it’s cold, i’ll use a diffuser but i typically air-dry it and i get my hair cut at devachan every six months or so.