linh thi and christine of eleven objects have gone and released yet another amazing collection, but in addition to their typical removable collars for spring 2013, they expanded to design ready-to-wear. according to the ladies, the pieces were inspired by “the idea of a safari with ziggy stardust and josephine baker.” the result is an eclectic appearance of transparent vinyl, cork, animal printed silks, and croc embossed patent leather embroidered with pearls and feathers “to create their aesthetic signature of exuberant luxury.” it is totally okay if your mind is officially blown.

note: click on any of the four individual images to get a close-up view


inside the designer’s studio: eleven objects (part 2)



it’s been a while since i last spoke about eleven objects, huh? a full week?

i’m circling back to reveal the second half of my showroom experience with the lovely linh and christine. you even get to see what i look like half-squeezed (because we all know that a sample size won’t zip up on a chesty broad like myself) into the brand’s first clothing collection. also, i realized during the visit that we all need a body chain of pearls—such a piece just makes everything look so much classier, don’t you think?


inside the designer’s studio: eleven objects (part 1)




i talked a big talk recently about how much of a supporter i am of eleven objects, but now it’s time for me to show you why. see above. literally, these are the most glorious accessories i’ve stumbled upon in a long, long time and while the prices are a bit out of my range (my birthday is september 5th, by the way), i am definitely going to save to purchase that rhinestone-encrusted latex baby.

as nene leakes boldly declares on the introduction of the real housewives of atlanta, “when i walk into a room, i own it,” she would’ve owned a whole lot more than that one room if she were wearing one of these collars. i’m just saying.

stay tuned for part 2 where i attempt to squeeze my linebacker shoulders into one of eleven objects’ first pieces of clothing. also, the brand is on tumblr. #instafollow


don’t enjoy a collar? then i don’t enjoy you. i’m particularly defensive about this because i feel that collars are some of the most underrated accessories in the game right now and eleven objects is an asset to that game. relatively new, eleven objects launched its first collection for fall 2011. only one year has passed since, but its growth and maturity as a brand can be clearly shown in the fall 2012 lookbook (partially shown above).

lookbooks tend to lack approachability, am i right? i am stopping by the eleven objects showroom tomrrow and can’t wait to show you how a regular chick rocks a collar.