courtnore asked:

Hi Sara! I remember a while back you did a juice cleanse. I recently orded one and am starting it Tuesday, any advice?

i did indeed partake in a juice cleanse courtesy of blueprint cleanse. check it out.


leadencirclesdissolve asked:

$65 is steep for one day of a juice cleanse. Is it really worth that much money for one day/do you know of any alternatives that don't cost as much as the dress I want to buy myself.

you’re right, the daily price of a cleanse like organic avenue or blueprint is fairly pricey; i was ecstatic to receive mine gratis, but my recommendation for those of you looking to become healthier in this way would be to either save a little money for a three to five-day cleanse (make it worth it, you know?) or just substitute typical meals for only fruits and veggies. granted, i’m no nutritionist, but i’ve done the math and the expense of do-it-yourself juicing isn’t all that much more affordable.


what the blueprint “renovation” cleanse is really like

let me start by saying that i would never lie to you. as you’ve learned before with my slimming wrap and diet diary posts, i leave no stone unturned by the end of my experience. this time i’ve conquered another health goal: attempting a juice cleanse.

thanks to my gal pals at bollare, i was graciously gifted with a 3-day “renovation” juice cleanse courtesy of their new client blueprintcleanse. i have been wanting to try new things, health-wise, this past year and am well on my way; the only thing left to do is boot camp. (don’t hold your breath on that one.) you all are more than aware of my penchant for cheeseburgers, so this being my first cleanse, i chose the first level “renovation” cleanse and promptly became terrified prior to its arrival. in an effort to keep things concise for your sanity, please click below to read this post in its entirety.

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