i love a good fashion insider tidbit. example: narciso rodriguez contacted nail polish maven deborah lippmann 24 hours before his fall 2011 show with the request that she create a one-of-a-kind gray shade for the collection. 24 hours. and she did it!

even better? the models loved it so much that stole a majority of the bottles from backstage. lippmann said, “you know it’s a hit when the models want it because they never want to get their nails done, so it’s a sign!” redundant, but you get the point.

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    I really should be posting this on my neglected beauty blog, but if Deborah Lippmann could make a no-chip formula I...
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    Not going to lie, that’s the first gray shade I’ve seen on a nail that I actually love.
  8. lucilleduquette said: i hadn’t yet seen the photo on the model’s fingers- it looks so much better than in the bottle! between lippmann and chanel i’m going to blow a whole wad of cash on nailpolish on FNO.
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    If you know me, you know I LOVE grey which I guess could be considered...boring thing but...
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    Oh, this is so close to the colour that haya always uses on her nails.. Wow, you’re so foosh, and you never even knew...
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    I need this color.
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