here the latest gifts to drop themselves on my desk — from this mountain, to be specific. please know that this post isn’t meant to brag (though i am so honored to even receive them). rather, it is to notify you of two reasons why these brands rule: 

  1. have you tried twistbands? with my hair growing at a pretty steady rate, i live by these things. they do not damage or dent your coif, so basically, i’ve sworn off regular elastics forevz. and the parisian print is so cute i can barely stand it.
  2. treesje has been killing it lately when it comes to design and this cross-body is proof. the leather is crazy soft and i love the stud detailing. also of note: gives you the helpful option of filtering styles by price.

boom. there you go. i encourage you to check them out if you’re down for cool stuff.

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