inside the bra fitter’s studio: linda’s bra salon

on tuesday evening, i was invited to visit linda “the bra lady" becker, a celebrity bra fitter, at her newest outpost in murray hill. over twenty years ago, linda attended a mastectomy bra fitting class hosted by the american cancer society and has been spreading the word about best bra practices ever since. she has appeared on dailycandy, regis & kelly, the new york times and bravo’s bethenny ever after.





i’ll admit, at the age of 25, i had never had a professional bra fitting before and, growing up with a big chest, finding the perfect size seemed like a grail quest.

diana, one of the store’s experts, showed off the brand-spanking-new store before bringing me into the back, which was covered in bras and panties as far as the eye could see. linda, who was personally fitting women as they came in for appointments, soon joined us. upon seeing my lady lumps, she declared, “that bra is awful. it is old, outdated and definitely doesn’t fit you. we are throwing it out.” (see said sad-looking bra above) i was quickly measured — linda deduced that the bra i had been wearing was one cup size off — and tried on a variety of styles in my new size before discussing with her the many difficulties that arise when shopping for a bra. “out of all the women i see each day, maybe two of them are wearing the right size,” she said.

here are some of tips regarding your over-the-shoulder boulder holders:

  • first and foremost, have a professional measure you
  • never invert the cups when storing your bras
  • do not put your bras in the dryer and hand-wash whenever possible
  • light-colored bras should never be worn with black clothing
  • the average shelf life of a bra is 6 months

for more information about linda’s services, visit her website or stop by one of her 2 store locations, both of which stock over 200 cup sizes from aa to n. many thanks to linda and diana for all of their help (and the complimentary bra!) — i’ve never looked perkier ;)

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