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Hi Sara, I've been wanting to get into writing, mostly magazine articles, and was wondering if you could give me some pointers on how to start. Thanks :)

while i have never written for a print publication (only online) and i am not sure of the topic you hope to be your focus (i have written about branding, marketing, and the retail industry as a whole), but hopefully these tips can be helpful to you regardless:

  • create a portfolio of your work. if you have written for a local publication, created a blog, been published on websites—you need a place to host all of this relevant information to pass along to potential employers. don’t know if a piece is appropriate to publish? think about this: would you read it?
  • always fact-check. never ever post something that hasn’t come from a credible source; never plagiarize; always do due diligence. you will earn respect from your peers if you take steps to become knowledgeable in the topic of your choice.
  • reach out to experts in the industry. it never hurts to make friends, especially friends that have other friends who know of job openings. the more people you know, the easier it will be to learn of opportunities.
  • pitch, pitch, pitch. do not be discouraged by rejection. one road to success includes having a constant stream of ideas ready to be sent to the appropriate outlet. find out what that publication’s voice is and tailor your writing to it.
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