i recently stopped by juicy couture's bleecker street store, but before i did, i pondered my soon-to-be-made decision. up until then, all i really knew about juicy was that it is a california-based brand and that paris hilton loves its track suits. times have changed, but that first thought stays the same: it is still all about the sunshine state.

you should know that the brand has moved away from velour and terrycloth, revamped its boutiques to reflect a more grown-up spirit, and launched a holiday 2012 collection featuring rock ‘n’ roll details like rhinestones and studs without being over-the-top. i was pleased to find that there were more stand-out pieces than not, items that could be worn by a well-to-do twenty-something rather than a high schooler. sometimes brands have to move with their most loyal consumer; i respect a brand that makes that decision.

while you give yourself a juicy couture update, check out one of its many gift shops!

  1. alexintransition said: Yesterday, my cousin and I went to their outlet in Woodbury Commons- I’m happy that you posted this because when I went into the store and saw the mad grab for track suits, I cringed but now that I checked out the site, I’m happy they are moving on!
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  5. blackberryvision said: Juicy has found a good balance between high school and 20 something. They still cater to the sweat crowd and bedazzle obsessed with the jewelry/bags. Then they’re approaching a fun loving crowd that wants well made trend pieces under 500ish.
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