were you as obsessed with the chris benz fall 2011 collection as i was?

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  3. speakshame answered: Fuck Yeaa!
  4. 21beshiny answered: nice!
  5. flatchestedteen answered: YOU FUCKING KNOW IT!!
  6. poppypurwoko answered: should I said no ? Ofkors yes!!
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  8. katieparks answered: yep.
  9. rummageroom answered: no
  10. summerlove20 answered: U mean ?
  11. flashy007 answered: nice collection
  12. stargratrix answered: green eggs and ham
  13. look-no-further answered: Hats oola la
  14. hellooanastasia answered: SO GREAT!
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  16. houseofterez answered: I love love love that hat!
  17. thesemanyyears answered: most definitely yes!
  18. hwashiana answered: this is so nice
  19. princessmess answered: I believe he not only creates great fashion, but inspires others to love fashion
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  21. dersuperheld answered: god yes :)
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  23. didianadi answered: yes yes yes
  24. hautelikecouture answered: YES!
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