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blizzards may be hitting the east coast and driving us under the covers, but it is almost time for spring break. you know what that means? bikini season (groan). but finding a suit doesn’t have to be hard, thanks to and its innovative bikini builder, which analyzes your body type and favorite trends to spit out a variety of styles designed perfectly for you.


the bikini builder lets you choose from over 700 looks. you can even search by price. crave control? create your own from 1,000 different combinations.

enough of the spiel: i’m giving you the chance to win a $100 gift card to the site and a personal session with a fit specialist. it just takes two clicks:

the contest will end next week, on february 4th at 12:30pm est.

not down for friendly competition? that’s chill, whatever. you can still get 25% off of full price merchandise by using the code “FARPITZS” until 2/11.

  1. mandelicious said: Luxe by Lisa Vogel Opening Day bandeau bikini top & Luxe by Lisa Vogel Opening Day Banded Bikini bottom.
  2. cavierandcigarettes said: I love the Tommy Hilfiger - Sail With Me, gold striped one piece.
  3. sarazucker posted this
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