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Sara you have to help me! I am stuck in a fashion slump and lately my clothing seems so drab! I feel like I wear the same boring outfits day in and day out and need something to spice it up with. What would you do in a situation like this?

i feel you on this—i have at least one fashion slump per week. in an effort to combat the onslaught of yet another, here are some tried-and-true suggestions:

  • troll street style websites. don’t know how to wear a certain piece in your closet? check out sites like mr. newton, streetpeeper, the sartorialist, and so many others to see how fashionable men or women wore it.
  • snag a statement accessory. whether it be a bold scarf, necklace, or shoes, it has the possibility of completely changing the look of an outfit.
  • visit your local thrift shop. i swear, you can find so many unique things for under $5. this is especially note-worthy for those of you on a budget. 
  • do a swap. invite over a few of your friends, require them to bring a bag of lightly-worn clothing, and exchange ‘til your heart’s content.
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