i’ve decided to implement yet another new feature onto the blog, one that i really hope you’ll like: ‘interview with a designer.’  you may know her as the aggressive force-to-be-reckoned-with winner of project runway season 8, but i consider myself fortunate enough to call gretchen jones a friend (thanks to tumblr!) and the very first participant. i will be asking all designers the same five questions and answers are unedited as they truly illustrate the passion and personality of the person who wrote them.

what was the first thing you ever designed? Funny as it is, the first thing I ever designed was my First Communion Dress. I sketched it out and with my grandmother’s help we sewed it together. I think that was the first time I really understood that the ideas in my head could become tangible things. Needless to say it was one lacey puffy sleeved 80’s princess dress, but would you have expected anything else??

what is your most prized possession? My most prized possession[s] (I have 2, as they both mean too much to me to pick one or the other) I was named after my grandmother Gretchen, whom I never got to know. My mother gave me her engagement and wedding rings and I wear them to feel strong and safe. Cliche as it may be, I can feel her energy in them and I need it more often than I would have ever known. The second is my late father’s Lasso/Veteran Flag/Swiss Army Knife, I lost him this past fall and having a few of the things he used all the time AND the folded flag remind me of what a strong man he was…and how his strength influenced me to work hard and dedicate myself to what i love.  Family is becoming more and more important to me. These precious items keep me connected, as I’m so far away from the ones I love and come from.

how do you treat yo’self? Ahhhhh, well, for a country girl in the city the best treat is getting to get out of the city and into nature.  I LOVE heading to the beach or upstate and unwinding from the NY energy…and if I’m really lucky, heading out west to my home state of Colorado to visit family of friends and hike in the Rocky Mountains OR further west to northern California, Oregon and Washington to visit my ‘non-related’ family. Friends and family and mama nature are all I could ever ask for when it comes to being indulgent.. 

who is the ‘gretchen jones’ girl? (your ideal consumer.) I think my ideal consumer is between 25-45. She’s a woman who appreciates dressing as an outlet for personal expression and interpretation. She’s a bit of a romantic, likes feeling pretty and lives an active life. To me, the Gretchen Jones woman is the kind you want to fall in love with. Playful, thoughtful, smart and definitely one you notice when they walk in a room…not because they have on one of my crazy prints, but because they radiate loving energy and confidence in an electric and positive way. And then you notice how she put herself together;)

why do you do what you do? I do what I do because it chose me from a young age. I’m one of the lucky ones who knew young what they were meant for. I do what i do because I know no other way. I keep pushing because I want to be creative without restraint, I’m a fashion designer because it enables me to be creative in a myriad of mediums. In a sense, I do what I do because it gives me a voice, my voice. And how lucky is that!?

see more of gretchen by visiting her website or following her on tumblr.

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