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sara: how would you dress up the "sexy boyfriend jean" from the gap? I just bought two pairs, and don't know if I love them or hate them with my body type. they're comfy and the length is right, but are jeans with a tapered hem in or out? what kind of top or layers would you pair with it? help the sartorially challenged! (i'm asking jaclyn day the same question to get a crowdsource from fashion bloggers!)


hey, girl! i hope your crowdsourcing is going well and that what i recommend is something you’d wear; i love to gain inspiration from bloggers with a variety of personal styles. personally, i’d mix feminine and masculine by pairing your new jeans with a pastel blouse and footwear, pulling it all together with a neutral jacket.

  1. a tan anorak (uniqlo, $79)
  2. bright, pointy flats (mia, $99)
  3. those jeans
  4. a pale button-down shirt (ralph lauren, $63)
  1. naoxmayo said: This wasn’t my question but I absolutely love this look!!!
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