the l.a.m.b. fall 2012 collection




since i’m coming down with a case of the fashion week flu (well, a cold), the only show i went to yesterday was that of gwen stefani’s l.a.m.b.. i was not a huge fan of the brand last season and was curious to see what the singer-turned-designer had cooked up for fall 2012. prior to the show, jessie and i discussed how many of the trends seen at fashion week had already been done and overdone before; i hoped that this line who display something new. though the first few looks were a bit questionable, a majority of the collection was fresh and modern. there were lots of collars, which i am loving lately, and a majority of the pieces were black, gray, and neon green with a sporadic pop of red in front of a backdrop of a manhattan-inspired collage.

in terms of beauty, i particularly loved the retro bouffants and cat-eye frames.

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