i’ve been slacking on the “a bag a week"s. i apologize. but not to worry, despite the delay, we will be moving forth as planned, which means that you get the opportunity to vote on which purse i’ll be toting around this week. so, which will it be:

  • the bally duffle (as seen in week 1)?
  • or katherine kwei’s “lulu” tote?
  1. wheresnadya answered: the bally duffle! :)
  2. matti-von-bitch answered: The one on the left, pretty pretty please!!
  3. katherinekwei reblogged this from sarazucker and added:
    Vote for the Lulu tote! As seen in this video starring Sara Zucker herself.
  4. soulstryder answered: bally duffle!
  5. expistols answered: lulu~~~
  6. designersocial answered: We’ll take any opportunity to vote for Katherine Kwei!
  7. xanthefudge answered: bally duffle
  8. appleonamizzion answered: I say the Bally duffle. I love it ..
  9. fanaticalcosmos answered: bally duffle! the tote is yucky.
  10. luxestyles answered: the bally duffle
  11. opusculum answered: bally duffle
  12. sincerelykimbui answered: Bally duffle!
  13. christinavictoria answered: bally duffle :)
  14. vomitstar answered: duffle! <3
  15. stylishwhitefemale said: The bally
  16. fashionislifestyle answered: the bally duffle
  17. sarazucker posted this
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