girl pretty vs. guy pretty

it has come to my attention that the two categories of good-lookingness, “girl pretty” and “guy pretty,” are not one in the same. to define the two, “girl pretty” is for a female that is seen as gorgeous by other females, whereas “guy pretty” focuses on females that males find hard to resist. it is more about personality or looks?

let’s compare olivia wilde and jennifer aniston. according to the five men i polled (obviously this is not a sound study), they did not find olivia as mind-numbingly beautiful as i had thought they would. are you kidding? have they looked at her? the girl is gorg! they said there was something weird about her face. huh? but anyway, then there is jennifer aniston, a woman who was recently called the sexiest woman of all time. at the age of 42, a time when many actresses are starting to lean toward older roles (mothers, kooky aunts, etc.), jennifer is seemingly just getting started. not that 42 is old, but at 27 with equally-as-perfect skin, body, and talent, olivia doesn’t seem to stand a chance when put next to miss aniston. i mean, is she the sexiest woman of all time? nope. apparently, she has a strangely-shaped face. poor girl. perhaps we can delve deeper and assume that aniston’s girl-next-door personality that allows us to laugh at her on occasion is far more appealing than wilde’s smoldering, mysterious aura. whatever the reason, the idea is raised that while we ladies may find olivia beautiful, some men seem to be put off by her. i’m perplexed.

going back to my original point: what is your definition of “girl pretty” and “guy pretty”? in your opinion, is there a difference? and, while we’re on topic, which one are you?

  1. theoceanhouse said: omg sooo true. I’ve never thought Jennifer Aniston was good looking. I don’t get it.
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  3. girl6nyc said: like a few other posters, I think girl pretty is more of “I like/admire/would like to be her” That said, Ive been told im “guy pretty” whatever that really means.
  4. elisabethdonnelly said: Of course there’s a difference! I had a coworker at a retail shop who came in with perfectly poofed bardot-in-braids hair, striped shirts, and I swooned over her boho prettiness. Made my dude check her out - he said “you have a girlcrush. Eh.”
  5. thekeevster said: To me, guy pretty has always been hot or sexy; but, girl pretty is actual beauty.
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    with smoggy. i got...carey mulligan on...adorable pretty....
  7. creativeconflagration said: I’m a girl who is guy pretty.
  8. sinnumero said: i’m fucking gorgeous across all moronic boundaries
  9. thepursuitofmagick said: I think girl pretty sometimes has an element of admiration/fashion crush. It doesn’t have so much to do with sexiness.
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  11. notbuying said: this blows my mind because i think wilde is possibly the most lovely thing on the planet and just assumed men thought so as well. oh well more chance for me to steel her away then :)
  12. heather-in-heels said: Girl pretty to me is more of an envy-based definition in which we admire a physical aspect about these women. Guy pretty is the whole package (sometimes). I also have a theory there is a 3rd category called “tumblr pretty” too.
  13. dogganghappened said: Guy pretty= linsay lohan girl pretty=sarah jessica parker girls go for personality, someone we can relate to. Guys for for the body, how easy they think a gal is. I’m not guy pretty I’ve got too much personakity and favor a tank top an jeans over a short skirt and low cut…
  14. socialcipher said: I’m a guy who would stare at Olivia Wilde way before I’d notice Jen Anniston.
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