trendy e-boutique bauble bar (you’ll be seeing more of this brand on my blog in the near future) has just introduced monogram pendants to its already-expansive collection of jewelry and i, for one, am excited. the necklaces are made to order, so they take a bit longer than usual to be delivered, but prices range from $88 to $115.

  • initial pendant - $94
  • nameplate pendant - $88
  • monogram pendant - $115
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    Nice. I want want and it says my name ^_^
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    SO CUTE! I love the monogram idea. It’s such a clever twist to the conventional nameplate necklace.
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  6. leadencirclesdissolve said: I love love love love love them! Their customer service has been out of this world and their jewelry is so well priced. I just love them.
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    Oh god this is awesome! I’m totally ordeing a gold nameplate necklace if I can find a discount code. Anyone have one?
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    monogram pendant, you will be mine.
  9. adriennes said: Great prices! I’ve seen things similar on the UWS for hundreds of dollars, though my custom silver name necklace was only $30 from Walmart a few years ago.
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  11. blackberryvision said: I totally want to do a hoodrich one of my alter ego—julissa.
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